Bow Holders & Stands

We aim in this category to make better decision makers out of archers by giving them the best options of bow holders and stands that money can buy from such brands as: Apex, Rinehart, Bowtree, HME, High Point, Elevation and October Mountain.

To make our assessment as accurate as we can, we used the following criteria: brand reputation and prominence, bow compatibility, universality of use, limb protection, grip tension and rubber overmold type.

October Mountain

What makes October Mountain a stand out brand these days is its ability to make universally fit kickstands for bows with both parallel and beyond parallel limbs. It's a brand also known for making rubber overmolds that protect the limb while providing better grip to the bow.

If you're a beginner archer, you might want to start with the October Mountain Kickstand made with the signature Pro Parallel Limb. It's the one to get if you already own compound bows whose limbs are designed with a parallel mechanism.

Other benefits and features to enjoy from October Mountain's line of bow holders, stands and other gear include: nose and hand-shock reduction features; unique carbon body material; and compatibility with the patented Night Ridge, SEKTOR 62", and Versa-Cradle Microtune Bow Viser and Strata 62" longbows.


When you want bow holders or stands made with almost military grade composite construction, Apex is definitely the brand to consider. It's the maker of compact bow stands with a folding design that fit most split-limb bow models today. We suggest you get the Apex Split-Grip Bow Stand whether you're an intermediate or expert archer, since the .80 in. minimum opening might be a good fit to pretty much whatever bow you already have.

Apex also makes sure that its bow stands have soft rubber-lined jaws that accommodate thick or thin limbs. Other patented tech or signature features to expect from Apex include: the patented Covert™ Pro Series, Covert™ Single-Pin Series And Accu•Strike™ Series innovations; precision machined aluminum body material; and the patented Xtra™ body finish.


RineHart is the maker of signature yardage spots that you can easily mount flush to the ground. Any archer today can enjoy the BowTree Marked Yard Spots from Rinehart that comes in 4 pk., from 20 to 50 yards. With the solid steel powder-coat finish that comes with this model, you won't be wasting money buying another one every few months. You can also place these flush to the ground so you can be marking the locations hassle-free.