Bow Trainers

The intention of in this category is to empower archers to know about the best bow trainers they can purchase from such top brands as: AccuBow, Bear, Bow Trainer, BowFit, DryGuy, Saunders, Neet and Steady Form.

We use the following criteria to know which are the best ones to feature here: brand reputation, accuracy, torque elimination features, compatibility with right- or left-handed archers and string slap protection.

Steady Form

Relatively new in the industry, Steady Form continues to impress archers with its bow trainers that are specially designed to improve accuracy and consistency of archers by eliminating the bow's torque.

Other signature or patented features you can expect from Steady Form's bow trainers include: an Elite Series version that provides infinite ability of adjustment; a full-machined compact design; aircraft material aluminum; shorter C-cuff to accommodate larger arms; an optional adjustable string stop; and an impressive weight of only 1.9 oz.


Saunders brings to the table some of the world's most compact but effective archery training aids. What defines the brand is its focus on designing double-bands in their trainers to allow archers to tone their muscles even when using one band. The brand's focus in training archers' muscle mass with both bands is also noteworthy.

Other attractive signature features of the brand's trainers include: a design that helps archers both in training and tuning; compact, draw length adjustment at a 30 lb. pull; mechanism to train archers' form; and a set-up in the release tension when they can't get to the range. Saunders made noise in the industry, too, for such trademarked creations as the Combo™ Custom, Brush Offs™, Combo Bulge™ and Combo™ Points archery gear made for tournament shooters.


Neet solves archers' problems by creating training aids that can worn at all times even in extreme weather conditions. What's remarkable about its bow trainers is they can insure proper hand placement, install confidence, eliminate grip torque and allow for tighter arrow groups even if the archer's no longer a beginner.

One of Neet's bow trainers we like to recommend is the Neet True Shot Coach, which, apart from having the features above, is also great for having a padded nylon shell construction with elastic finger loops.


DryGuy is the brand to pick when you want bow trainers that adjust to the archers' skill level or size as they progress. One of the brand's impressive bow trainers is the DryFire Pro Archery Trainer, which we mainly recommend for its ambidextrous design.