Bowfishing Arrows & Accs

The main priority of in this category is to provide you with quality bowfishing arrows and accessories from today's leading brands. These brands include, but are not limited to: AMS, Cajun, Easton, Woody Wire and Fin-Finder.

To give you the right type of arrows to suit your skill level of archery, we use drawbacks, benefits, archer's needs, design preference and availability as criteria.


AMS is a brand that over the years has been known for safe and reliable bowfishing gear that's proudly American-made and performance-tested. American-made means it's not making shortcuts on quality just to make aprofit; passion is integrated.

One of AMS's stronghold products we can recommend you today is the AMS AnKor FX Bowfishing Arrow. We placed it in this category because we find it impressive to have all the features serious bowfishers need at a very lightweight, stainless steel strong body. This is a must for professional bowfishers, not so for beginners.


Cajun is a brand that elevates your bowfishing experience by giving you innovation like no other. One of its most innovative creations is the Cajun Premium Bowfishing Line, which we recommend both for bowfishing beginners and pros. At 25 yards per spool, its stand-out signature feature is its superior resistant material that no breakage or wear and tear can damage.


From hunting arrows to target arrows, Easton is a maker since 1922 of high-performance bowfishing arrows that make your bows more penetrating and precise. The long years it's been in the market is testament to the US-made, heavy duty all-carbon bowhunting arrows and solutions it offers both to professionals and the curious.

We recommend the Easton Bubba Buoy Fish Arrow w/AMS Chaos Point for serious bowfishers who want long-lasting fiberglass arrows that already come with a safety slide and an AMS Chaos Point.

Fin Finders

What makes Fin Finders a brand to pick for bowfishing gear is its reputation for highest quality arrows based on precision, dependability and accuracy. This is because each product they release must pass a QC straightness inspection before assembling.

One of its products in this category that we recommend for beginner bowfishers is the Fin Finder Big Head Bowfishing Point. It's made of solid stainless steel construction, so you can learn all the bowfishing tricks without worrying about wear and tear.