Bowfishing Compound Bows presents in this category some of the best brands and models of bowfishing compound bows that elevate your hunting experience in ways that suit the type of shooter you are. We use brand focus, specialties, proprietary technologies and even bowfishing ranking data as our criteria.

The first of these quality brands we analyzed is Alpine Archery, which has been in the business since 1988. Its long years in the business makes its products some of the trustworthy, long-lasting and innovative gear to pick. Another unique selling feature you may like of Alpine is its ability to produce tournament-level bows at the lowest price. To this day, the brand is even dubbed as the "working man's bow company" for how they have kept their price points the lowest possible.

One of this brand's trusted bows is the Alpine Mako Bowfishing Bow. This bow's main focus are portability and ergonomic design. Some of its patented or proprietory features include a specialized handgrip that protects your hand from slipping when wet. This also has a 7" draw length adjustment that's just the perfect size when you want something lightweight to increase the time you can aim and to let you bowfish all day without fatigue.

The next brand we featured here is Cajun. Its a brand known for producing some of the most diverse types of bows, kits, reels, points, shafts and accessories in the market, so if you're looking for a reliable one-stop-shop brand, this is your go-to place. One of this brand's bestsellers is the Cajun Sucker Punch Bowfishing Bow.

This model's signature features include the Cajun Hybrid bowfishing reel that's perfect for both beginners and advanced shooters. This equips shooters with a lever to assist them in cocking the bow automatically so they don't need to think about it when shooting. If you want a versatile bow that will adapt to your growth from a beginner to an advanced shooter without buying another one, this one's made for you.

Feel free to explore some of the other brands and field-tested bowfishing compound bows we featured here. Many of these models are defined by their features that you cannot find in other brands. From the ability to provide two modes of operation to the added feature of a bowpress to achieve a constant draw, we have analyzed them all so that you get the full-on bowfishing experience you deserve.