Bowfishing Rests & Reels

We at want this category to be your ultimate source of information about the best bowfishing rests and reels made available by the right brands, such as: AMS, Cajun, Fin Finder, Quick Draw, Muzzy, PSE, RPM Bowfishing and Trophy Ridge.

We limit the factors to the following criteria in choosing the best ones to feature: arrow rest quality, archer type, bowfishing add-ons, durability, portability and brand reputation.


AMS is a brand to choose when you want your rests and reels to have an extra opening in the side of the reel above the handle. It's a brand known for empowering archers the ability to double back the line and attach it to a float or deep sea casting reel, instead of tying the line to the inside of the bottle.

If you're a right-handed intermediate archer, we recommend you get the AMS Big Game Retriever Pro Bowfishing Reel for its durable construction, integrated telescoping clam, arrow quiver and a custom slot through the reel face. Other innovations AMS is known for today include: patented push-button reels, the patented EverGlide™ safety slide, and the guarantee that all its products are made in America, providing jobs to the locals.


Archers can go to Cajun to get rests that have these valuable features: a patented Teflon insert on the bottom of the rests for maximum durability; an aluminum body paired with a windage adjustment; a set of replaceable brushes for full containment: and laser engraved reference marks. If you're either a right- or left-handed archer, we recommend you get the Cajun Brush Fire Bowfishing Rest for the mentioned features.

Other remarkable innovations Cajun brought to the table are: metal 5” diameter aluminum drum reels that mount into a bow stabilizer's bushing with a center bolt; bowfishing spinning reels with pre-spooled 150 lb. fast flight line; and longer hood designs for better line feeding.
Cajun also creates reels that have durable and adjustable ceramic string guides that provide a smoother string feed.

Fin Finder

Fin Finder is the brand known for innovations like its aluminum-grade reels with blue powder coat finish that are not just easy to use, but also have a simple design. One of these reels is the Fin Finder Heavy Duty Drum Bowfishing Reel, which already comes with 80 ft. of high contrast bowfishing line that can attach itself to a standard stabilizer bushing.