Bowfishing Sights & Lights aims in this category to provide you with the best Bowfishing Sights & Lights created by such outstanding brands as: Fin-finder, New Archery Products and TruGlo.

We use the following criteria to pick what brands to feature here: body material, availability, portability, weight, windage, adjustability, add-ons and burn time.

Fin Finder

You go to Fin Finder if you're looking for bowfishing sights that have powerful 600 lumen, designed to light up the water for night time bowfishing. One of these sights is the Fin Finder Splashlight Bowfishing Light, which many archers will enjoy not just for the features above, but also for its pressure switch for easy activation that easily mounts to the front stabilizer bushing.

If you want a brand that can convert your sights from a bow mount to a hand held flashlight just by switching the end cap, Fin Finder is the brand to find. Other Fin Finder signature features in its sights include: heavy-duty T-6 aluminum material; toolless windage and elevation adjustment; precision windage micro-adjust; powerful 5mW green laser; and a compact design that fits mostly all recurve and compound bows with sight bushings attached.

New Archery Products

New Archery Products (NAP) paves the way of bowfishing sights by making them military-grade aluminum, constructed with a rugged scratch resistant black anodized finish. One of its trademarked sights with these features is the NAP Apache Predator Bowfishing Flashlight, which has a high power white 3-watt creed LED.

Other fascinating features of New Archery's sights include: the trademarked Apache vibration dampening technology; a remote activated tactical on/of switch for operating the sight with the least amount of disruption; threads found into the stabilizer bushing; water resistant material; and lightweight build.


TruGlo in general is famous today for its patented releases, such as ACTIVATOR™, Nitrus™, Detonator™, and SpeedShot™ line-up, but they are made more powerful with the brand's trademarked sights and lights, such as the Truglo LED Bow Light.

TruGlo's lights are made with machined, aircraft aluminum construction and generally come with interchangeable LED capsules (White is 250 lumens and Green is 250 lumens), as well as a pressure switch, tail caps and a spare battery. If you're looking for a brand that sells lights compatible to the stabilizer mounts of any bow, TruGlo is the brand to trust.