Cable Slides & Cable Guards

We here at want this category to be the ultimate source of archers for everything related to cable slides and guards sold by leading brands like: 30-06, AAE, Bow Jax, First String, October Mountain, Saunders, PSE and Limbsaver.

We chose the following brands according to such criteria: friction reduction, ability to smoothen draw cycle, add-ons that improve accuracy and brand reputation.


When it comes to high-quality target compound bows used for international archery tournaments, PSE is a stand-out. Some of its patented innovations include the PSE Target Series, Core Series, and the Pro Series, all designed with exacting standards set by its founder, Pete Shepley.

We recommend you get the black PSE Cable Slide if you want your cable slides to have friction-reduction features that can make your draw cycle smoother, improving accuracy and speed.


30-06 already stands out because of its ability as a brand to provide archers with roller cable slides that feature all aluminum construction with stainless steel ball bearings. From archery accessories, archery sights to stabilizers and bow cases, you can expect 30-06 to have an answer. We recommend you get the black 30-06 Roller Cable Slide if you're an expert archer who only settles for maximum durability in the material without losing style.


AAE is the brand to trust when you want cable slides that are incorporated with an innovative Teflon-filled material and design, allowing you to attach pull cords from the AAE Fall Away rests. We recommend you get the white AAE Slippery Cable Slide if you want durable Teflon coating in your cable slides with set screws that will secure the pull cord.

Other quality features to expect from AAE's cable slides include: mechanism that allows you to tune your rest in minutes and the compatibility level that lets you use them with most other fall away rests available in the market.


Archers can go to Saunders if they're looking for cable slides that are able to combine the smooth chatter-free wheel for rod travel with the durable material construction of Teflon. We suggest you get either the Saunder's Z - Rod or the 3/8 in., black Saunders Hyper Glide Slide if you're an expert archer looking for a chatter free wheel in your gear or added tight bends that provide extra cable travel.

Other valuable benefits to expect from Saunders include: 16 micro finish add-on that makes it ideal for any slide; a rod length of about 9.25 inches with 1.625 inch of offset for maximum reach; and a 100% Product Satisfaction guarantee.