Cams Mods & Limbs

We here at wants this category to empower archers on what brands of cams mods and limbs to get from such established brands as: Fin Finder and Genesis.

The criteria we used to establish our list include: brand reputation, bow compatibility, durability, grip, style, draw weight and take-down design.

Fin Finder

Fin Finder is best known for creating replacement limbs that give maximum adjustability to increase or decrease your draw weight. Other prominent features and innovations to expect from Fin-finder include: 45 lb 58" limbs that can fit both right and left hand bows; stringent quality control conditions; high-grade materials that ensure the benchmark tolerances are adhered to; magnesium riser construction in bows; easy-fit grip; and an extensive product catalog.


Two of the stronghold products from Genesis that will impress hunters are the Mini Genesis and Gen-X series. In terms of cams mods and limbs, expect to be wowed by Genesis' ability to give you as high as 65% let-off for an easy hold every time you hit.

The snap-shooting ability of the brand's cams are ideal for instinctive shooting at a draw weight of up to 40 lbs. We recommend this to intermediate and expert archers or youth in training since these are definitely not a child's toy and they're made for smooth shooting. Pack one of our Genesis Replacement Cam Assembly if you own any of Genesis' bows.

Other impressive innovations from Genesis that make their cams mods and limbs reliable include: stamp of approval from National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP); 100% Made in the USA Guarantee; includes machined 6061-T6 aluminum body in the cams and limbs; and the added single-cam technology with no tuning issues for more accurate shooting.