Carbon Bolt Shafts strives in this category to give you the best options of carbon bolt shafts from today's most established brands, including: Allen, Black Eagle, Easton, and Gold Tip.

Our goal to give you accurate and updated data means we authenticated these brand's claims using the following criteria: price point, availability, compatibility to your crossbow, flight control add-ons, nock types, field point sizes and even their vane types.


Allen's patented innovations and signature features since 1970 elevate its prominence by mixing USA engineering with global sourcing. As a result, it has created ingenious carbon bolt shafts, one of which we recommend is the Allen Nexus Crossbow Bolts. Made both for beginner and expert archers, this kit comes with half moon nocks and 4" vanes that match field point sizes that measure 11/32" for cut-throat accuracy.

Black Eagle

Black Eagle has gained a large following because of its specialization in carbon bolts, arrow points and other major crossbow components. What we suggest you get if you're a pro archer looking for superior performance in kinetic energy, accuracy and speed is the Black Eagle Executioner Crossbow Shafts. Available in Hunting-bow in 18", 20" and 22" lengths, these carbon bolts shafts will certainly elevate your accuracy ratio to surprising levels.


Easton is the brand trusted today by pro bowhunters and even Olympic archery competitors. It goes without saying that its carbon bolt shafts are expected more to be for higher level types of archery expertise. We recommend you get its Bloodline Crossbow Carbon Bolt Shafts if you want a professional-grade product that comes with an added micro-smooth finish. Available at 20" and 22" lengths, with straightness tolerance at +-.003", this is the one to get for your professional tournament training.

Gold Tip

Gold Tip is the brand best known for their tournament-grade archery grade. From its Valkyrie series to their Kinetic Kaos series that touts a hard-hitting punch, Gold Tip is all about going pro. We suggest you try the Gold Tip Ballistic Crossbow Bolt Shafts if you're a beginner training to be a pro crossbow shooter with just a weight tolerance of about +-2 grains. went the extra mile to analyze each of these maker's claims of army-grade carbon material in their bolt shafts. We also check whether the shaft bundles they offer already come with added boosters, like brass inserts, moon nocks, flat nocks and a modified weight tolerance to achieve maximum shooting performance.