Carbon Bolts wants you to get the best carbon bolts and this is why in this category you will see our research results for today's best leading brands, including: Barnett, Bear, Black Eagle, Bloodsport, Carbon Express and Centerpoint.

To guarantee you get the type that suits your archery skill level, we authenticated each product we feature by using the following criteria for our selection process: price point, availability, compatibility, accuracy add-ons, shaft material, and value-added components, such as field points, inserts and nocks.


Barnett's the brand to trust when it comes to offering carbon bolts that come in custom shapes, sizes, benefits and drawbacks that suit what type of archer you are. We recommend you get the Barnett Head Hunter Carbon Crossbow Bolts if you're an entry level archer that wants optimized features in your gear to achieve superior performance. You get more value for money because this comes with 20 in. bolts at 5 pcs per pack, with included moon nocks, field points and inserts.

Bear Archery

Bear Archery was founded in 1933 by the iconic father of modern archery, Fred Bear, which means it's a brand that can give you carbon-steel bolts engineered to last long. One of these patented creations that direct you toward optimal speed and unmatched accuracy is the Bear X Crossbow Crossbow Bolts. We recommend this for beginners who want an add-on in their gear to improve accuracy in each hit.

Black Eagle

Black Eagle has grown its loyal following because of its patented tech in crossbow components, arrow points and carbon bolts. It's known in the market as the brand that goes the extra mile to give you only the best models that exist.

One of these products we recommend if you're a pro archer is the Black Eagle Zombie Slayer Crossbow Bolt because of its .001 18 in. Blazer Vanes add-on that ensure your crossbow maximizes its penetration range. went the extra mile to analyze each of these brands' claims of army-grade carbon material, unmatched power, durability and even their official attributes to make sure they're authentic and updated. We also check whether the shaft bundles they offer already come with added boosters, like the bolt's ability to retain energy and terminal performance.