Chest Protectors

It's the aim of to always be at your service, which is why we placed in this category some of the best chest protectors you can buy from established brands, such as: Angel Archery and Cartel.

To make sure the information you get matches the spec requirements you want and skill level you're in, we may include these factors in selecting which models and brands to feature: availability, price point, durability, your physique, adjustability of core components and many others.

Angel Archery

Angel Archery is known in the market to create competitive and value-laden archery equipment and accessories. Whether you're a right-handed beginner or a pro archer, we recommend you get the Angel Chest Guard as your chest protector.

What we like about this one is that you can easily adjust its buttons to suit your unique body type. Other chest protectors may come only in one uniform size, so this one is a gear that any body type can definitely appreciate. This chest guard comes in white or black.


Another chest protector we feature in this category is the Cartel Chest Guard 101. The unique thing we appreciate in this one is that it's lightweight and has a highly protective double layered nylon mesh construction that guarantees to last long. Its adjustable elastic strap also comes with a snap closure to give either a beginner or a pro archer that needed tight grip fit.
You can get this chest protector in either small, medium or large sizes.

Importance of Chest Protectors in Archery

The last thing you want to happen when you're shooting is get hurt by your bow. This is why makes sure you get the kind of heavy duty protection that prevents your string from hitting your chest, causing serious harm.

It's important to remember to get a chest guard or a protector when you're a beginner. All those practice hits can expose you to a lot of risk of hurting yourself, so your best bet against that is to equip yourself with the best and affordable chest protector in the market. also goes out of its way to analyze each of the attributes presented here, including the brand's claims about the chest guard's lightweight and durable material. This