Climbing Stands

We here at Hunting-bow would like to make this category as the archers' reliable source of information about the quality climbing stands they can purchase from brands they're already familiar with.

Our criteria to establish our listing include: brand reputation, durability, versatility, net seat add-on, cable latch quality, and signature technologies added.

Hawk Treestands

We see Hawk Treestands as a reliable brand because of its ability to create the kind of climbing stands that already feature hammock net seats, auto latch cables, fold flat technologies and tree digger teeth. If you want high grade aluminum material for your climbing stands for a platform size of about 20” x 27” and a tree size of 9”-20”, then the Hawk Ultra-Lite Climber might be the right one for you.

Lone Wolf

Archers can go to Lone Wolf if they want the kind of climbing stands with wider stance climbing aids that are ideal for easy seated climbing. Lone Wolf made sure its stands have: contoured foam padded seats; built in bow holders; a roomy cast aluminum platform; and flip top seats which easily flip up and out of the way when it's time to take the shot.

Another innovation of Lone Wolf is in creating one piece aluminum platforms about 30" x 19.5" in dimensions, and seat measures of about 14" x 12". If you prioritize lightweight climbers with cast aluminum platform, then the Lone Wolf Flip Top Climber is your choice. An added bonus is that Lone Wolf often throws in a bonus set of stabilizer straps and bungee cords in your purchase.

Muddy Outdoors

We see Muddy Outdoors as the brand to go to when your aim is to get climbing stands that are made with nylon netted seats, padded arm rests and seat bars. Muddy Outdoors makes sure it uses a spring-loaded pin for quick and easy chain adjustments, and non-slip slats on the platforms that ensure stable footing.

Archers buying from Muddy Outdoors will also enjoy an added bonus of accessory bags that fit the gear snugly and safely. Other features archers can enjoy from the brand include: a Hybrid Mounting System; padded back rests and sling style seats; non-slip slats; and rubber coated foot straps that ensure stable footing regardless of terrain.


You may want to try X-stand if you're looking for climbing stands engineered out of a 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum. One of your options is the X-Stand Mini X-1 Climber, which we like to recommend because of its lightweight, easy-to-transport material.