Climbing Sticks & Steps

We believe here at that this category will have so much potential in becoming the archers' go-to place for all information about climbing sticks and steps sold by brands they already trust.

Our criteria to make this category accurate and relevant include: brand prominence, durability, portability, material, add-ons and signature technologies.

Advanced Treestands

We believe that Advanced Treestands is a stellar brand for creating the kind of climbing sticks and steps that already feature fold out tread steps, extended tree braces and folding steps for easy transport and easy climbing. Advanced Treestands made sure that each section of their sticks will have such lengths as 31” in. to secure to the tree with 1 strap.

If you're a beginner archer, you might want to try the Advanced Treestand Timber Steps since the tree braces built in this one can be more than enough to guide you through wild terrains.


You can expect that Ameristep will give you steel tree steps with wide 6" knurled step areas and self-tapping threaded points for easy installation. Other features the brand wants to be known for will include: premium ground blinds engineered to always keep you hidden in whatever type of hunt you're in; and a wide catalog of blinds and accessories.

Big Dog

We think it's the best idea to pick Big Dog as a brand if you want the kind of climbing sticks that are made of a ladder style with extended tree braces and rung spacing. Big Dog can usually provide you with 20" ladder style climbing sticks.

We suggest you get the Big Dog Climbing Ladder if you're an intermediate hiker or archer looking for at least 5 sections in your ladder that are secured to each other with loop button straps. The Timber-style sticks from Big Dog are usually of double-step design that have fold-out tread steps for easy climbing, and folding steps that have a looped button strap attachment.

Copper Ridge

We choose Copper Ridge as the brand to give you climbing sticks with powder coated steel construction, sturdy angled steps and cam buckle systems. Choose Copper Ridge if you're looking for the sticks that have breaks made into (5) 5’ sections.


Pick Cranford's EZY Climb Tree Step if you want a one-piece tree step and fold up screws in your stick for maximum robust secure footing.