Compound Bows presents in this category some of the best brands of bare compound bows in the market, which include: Darton Archery, Diamond Archery, Martin, Plano, and PSE. To make our selection, we used an elite set of criteria involving length, width, weight, price point, brace height, let-off and other tactical features.

Darton Archery

Darton Archery is known for creating bows that may look underrated but overperform in their features. This is a brand that suits both beginners and advanced shooters, but if you're still new, we recommend the Darton Cadet Youth Compound Package because of its comfortable shooting at whatever draw length.

Diamond Archery

With versatility and bow adjustibility as its main focus, Diamond Archery has original, patented compound bows both for beginners and advanced hunters.
An exceptional compound bow from this brand is the Diamond Deploy SB Compound Bow, which we will recommend for beginners and professional tournament shooters whose priorities are exceptional tuneability and hassle-free adjustment.


The next best brand we chose is Martin, the maker of the Carbon Mist Bow MO Country compound bow. This bow's signature feature is its cam system made especially for short draw archers, and a carbon riser that gives you a lightweight bow. We recommend this one both for new and avid archers who want to take long hikes with their bows without the inconvenience of heavy baggage.


Plano is best known in the industry as a creator of heavy-duty archery cases. We recommend in this category the Plano Ultra Compact Bow Case if you want durable protection for your smaller-sized compound bows. Its added features include adjustable tie-down straps, a molded handle and a padding made of high-density, crush-proof foam.

PSE Archery

PSE (Precision Shooting Equipment) is a brand that's been providing compound bows since 1970, which means their products have stood the test of time.

The exceptional compound bow we recommend here for you is the PSE Phenom DC Bow, which is built more for advanced archers. This bow's proprietory X-Tech limbs allow you to shoot at high-impact speed on different bodies of water or terrain, optimizing your ocular dominance to give you the most value for your money.

Feel free to explore some of the other brands and models of compound bows found in this category. From the ability to provide steady let-off to the capacity to lower the cocking effort of your bows by more than 50%, has analyzed them all so that the compound bow you pick is built for you.