Compound Strings

We aim here at to make this category into the ultimate complete guide for everything to do about compound strings that are sold in the database of such leading brands as: Americas Best Bowstrings, Bear, J and D Custom Strings and Zebra.

The criteria we filtered to make this list include: premium features, brand reputation, BCY materials for durability and strength, ability to give zero creep and peep rotation, and serving separation.

Americas Best Bowstrings

Americas Best Bowstrings or ABB aims to be recognized as the leader in premium series strings that are built with high quality BCY materials for strength and durability. We suggest you get the ABB Premium Bowstring if you want zero creep, peep rotation and serving separation in your strings despite fluctuations in changing temperatures and conditions.

Other innovations and features to expect from ABB include: most advanced custom compound strings; the Rhino series that mixes quality material with zero peep twist; Platinum Bowstrings membership that guarantees you get BCY 452X material in your strings; improved 2020- Clear Ultra End Loops for a better fit; minimal shoot in time; Power Grip Center Serving for the best fit; a 2-year hassle-free warranty against any dissatisfaction in the creep, serving separation and peep rotation; and 100% color accuracy every time.


Bear's aim is to always equip archers with exceptional, surprisingly affordable compound strings that are packed with patented features, such as the Trophy Ridge™ Four-pin sight. If you're an expert archer going for tournaments, you might want to check out the strings from the Bear Archery Cruzer G2 RTH Compound Bow package.

This model got the aforementioned features above, as well as compatibility with the following patents: Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit™; the Trophy Ridge five-arrow quiver; the Trophy Ridge sling; a Peep sight; and a Nock loop. An added bonus is the brand's Limited Lifetime Warranty for the strings.

J and D Custom Strings

J and D Custom Strings is known for making compound strings that are constructed with 452X material that's pre-stretched and has served end loops made for even stronger durability. Other premium features to expect from J and D compound strings include: strings made of split buss cables that are compatible with the Mini Genesis; and strings compatible with the Carbon Express X-force advantage. To maximize your crossbow as a beginner, you might want to get the black 452 x 49.25 in. J and D Bowstring.