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Control Cables

Our aim here at in this category is to make informed decisions out of archers about the best control cables they can buy from such established brands as: ABB, J and D Custom Strings, and Zebra.

The criteria we scanned to make our selection include: brand reputation, quality of BCY materials, peep rotation, serving separation, zero creep and even durable amid changing temperatures.


Americas Best Bowstrings or ABB defines itself as a distributor of premium controls cables that are exclusively built with BCY materials for durability and strength. If you want a guaranteed zero creep, serving separation and peep rotation in your control cables, you might want to check out the 36 in. ABB Premium Control Cables, which you can avail in either green or black. This is the cable that both expert and intermediate archers can get great value from.

Other impressive features and innovations to expect from ABB include: patented DURA-SERV center that helps eliminate massive center serving swear usually observable in crossbows; 3 crossbow string varietys for every archer of whatever skill level; and rev0lutionary building processes that render unmatched performance.

J and D Custom Strings

If you're getting J and D Custom Strings' control cables, you can expect to get them in 452X material that already comes with served end loops and pre-stretched to your preference.
Control cables from J and D Custom Strings will also include: split buss cables that are compatible with the Mini Genesis, and compatibility with the Carbon Express X-force advantage.


Zebra is known in the market for making control cables that are constructed with unserved end loops that have their own signature, copyrighted design.Other signature or patented features to expect from Zebra include: control cables compatible with the Zebra® Trophy™ proprietary technology; individually inspected components; BCY material compatibility; assistance in eliminating peep rotation and serving separation; and guaranteed that products are made in the USA.

Zebra is best known, too, for its Zebra® Hybrid™, Zebra® Tails™ and Zebra® High Performance Wax innovations.