Crossbow Broadheads presents in this category some of today's most popular and trustworthy brands and models of crossbow broadheads, such as the ones from: Allen, Carbon Express, Excalibur, Flying Arrow, G5, Grim Reaper and Magnus.

For the most comprehensive analysis of the products' strengths and tech specs, we considered the products' durability, affordability, level of quality tests, signature features, bolt capacity and diameter as our criteria.


Since 1970, Allen has been consistent in producing for the market durable tactical gear and archery essentials, such as its signature product: the BLOODRUSH™ series of crossbow broadheads. If you want an affordable value-for-money pack of crossbow broadheads, then we suggest you get the Allen Crossbow Field Points that are low-priced and come in a pack of 6. Both archery beginners and experts can appreciate this product's increased weight performance and capacity to fit 22/64" bolts.

Carbon Express

Carbon Express has built its name in the market as a trusted choice for top bowhunters and target archers through its stellar products, such as its signature Tri-Spine™ technologies. If you're a pro bowhunter and you're looking for field points that allow you to tune with different points weights in tournaments, then you're the right person for the Carbon Express Crossbow Point. An added bonus here is that this already has a removable 25 gr. collar so you can use it also as a 100 gr. or 125 gr gear.


If you prefer brands that have been around for the longest time because it's testament to high quality and durability, then Excalibur is the right choice for you whether as a beginner or a pro archer. It's been in the business for the last 35 years and its 400 Take Down series features contain today's most advanced crossbow technologies. One of them is the Excalibur Field Points 11/32, which we offer here at Hunting-bow.

Flying Arrow

What Flying Arrow is best known for today is their original, patented coring broadhead used for their Toxic Broadhead Series, which is available in this category. Their Kratos, Cyclone, Pharmakon and Orion Broadheads are also stand-out choices built to last and elevate beginner's hunting skills to pro levels.