Crossbow Cables aims in this category to filter all the crossbow cables out there and feature the best ones from today's leading brands, including: Blackheart, October Mountain and First String.

We use the following criteria in selecting what we deem to be the best products to feature: brand prominence, dimensions, portability, weight, body material, end loops quality and add-ons.

October Mountain

With the most number of products in this category, October Mountain is a brand known for creating superior quality crossbow cables made with trademarked Tri-Color Velocity Plus material. One of its creations we recommend to both beginner and intermediate archers is the October Mountain Crossbow Cables, which has the above features and is sold per pair.


BlackHeart thrives as a brand because of its crossbow cables that are crafted using a blend of modern materials, machinery and time-honored techniques. One of its unique inventions is the BlackHeart Crossbow Cables, which has the features above, but also has a trademarked DuraWeave construction. This means it's processed to include a pre-stretching method to make the strands robust, meticulosuly crafted, resulting in highly consistent cable length.

BlackHeart crossbow strings continue to make a name because of its trademarked GlideLock™ Center-Serving mechanism that serves tremendous help to archers in enhancing durability, reducing friction, serving separation and eliminating ridges between the serving strands.

Other signature features of the brand include: the guarantee each product is USA-made; guaranteed above average price; trigger-sport focused technology; and the GlideLock™ End Loop & Cam Serving tech that can offer tailored end loops and cams to accommodate the exact specs for each crossbow model, giving any skill-level archer unheard gains of performance.

First String

First String as a brand defines itself by giving archers signature X-Tex crossbow strings and cables that feature a no-serving separation guarantee as well as a no-creep or stretch promise. One of its creations with these features is the FirstString Crossbow Cables, which has Barnett Ghost 350 as its attributes.

Other prominent features of this brand include: the promise that all of its products are proudly made in the United States; you can build and order custom bow strings; the reputation of being the largest custom bow string manufacturer in the country; and engaged customer support to help you decide what replacement string or cables to order.