Crossbow Shooting Sticks & Bipods

We make sure in this category that archers can get all the relevant information they need about crossbow shooting sticks and bipods made available by such leading brands as: Excalibur, Primos, Ravin, TenPoint, TruGlo and Solid Aim.

Our criteria for judging which brands deserve a mention include: product availability, variety of options, hand grip padding material, monopod addition, motion-free shooting add-ons and extension system type.


We believe Excalibur has a lot of strength in providing archers with bi-pods that are made of lightweight, durable aluminum and steel. Excalibur has the engineering team to make their bi-pods fitted with rubber feet for no-slip stability.

Other features to expect from Excalibur include: bipod ability to eliminate the need for a bench rest and mounts to your Excalibur crossbow or any crossbow; adjustable legs that are from 8" to 10" in length and collapsible out of the way quickly and easily when not in use.

We suggest you get the Excalibur Cross Pod Bi-Pod if you're a beginner archer in need of rubber feet in your bi-pods for better support without the added weight.


You can trust TenPoint to be the brand that can give you aluminum telescoping two-section monopods that you can use to achieve motion-free shooting. It's a brand that's able to put these features into the bipods: a cushioned hand grip, carbide tip that grips rock and ice, removable rubber support ball, Posi-Lock extension system, and ball joint mounts to attach to your crossbow.

If you already own TenPoint crossbows, we suggest you get the TenPoint SteddyEddy Monopod System, which already includes the TenPoint Crossbow Shooting Stick, to elevate your hunting experience without callousing your hands.


Primos should be your choice if you need crossbow shooting sticks engineered to support a wide variety of crossbow models and will offer a smooth panning action helping you to rotate, scan and aim your target effortlessly. If you're a beginner archer in need of a transition kit to become an expert, you can get a lot of help from the Crossbow Trigger Stick Gen 3.

The aim of Primos in its sticks is to equip archers with a widened V-yoke that gives them a quick and stable support to keep a steady, accurate and precise hit.


Archers go to TruGlo if they want fully adjustable crossbow shooting rests designed to provide increased stability for the shooter whether in a standing, sitting, or kneeling position. One of these rests we can recommend to all types of archers is the TruGlo Xbow Hip Shot Crossbow Shooting Rest.