Crossbow Slings & Stock Accessories

We at will attempt in this category to bring to archers all of the best options of crossbow slings and stock accessories they can purchase from such esteemed brands as: Barnett, Buck Baits, Excalibur, Killer Instinct, Limbsaver, October Mountain and Allen.

Our criteria in deciding which brands deserve a feature will include: brand prominence, durability, non-slip features, sizes available, swivel type, comfort, and portability.


Barnett seems a stronghold brand today mainly for making its crossbow slings extremely tight-gripping even in less than perfect conditions. While most of the slings are designed for Barnett Crossbows, the brand makes up for it by the high level of quick release feature it offers so that weapons are quickly and quietly released without tools.

We suggest you get the Barnett Talon Crossbow Sling if you're a right-handed archer looking for a quick release feature in your collection of bows that range from 32"-40" in length. Other valuable features to expect from Barnett's line of crossbow slings include: time-tested brand reputation since 1962; patented XP400 series of customizable gear; dual laminated limbs for ultimate durability; and thousands of patents and patent-pending trigger and anti-dry fire technologies.


Allen deserves special mention here for its remarkable neoprene construction in its crossbow slings and stock accessories. We recommend you get the Titan Neoprene Crossbow Sling Realtree Xtra if you want to carry around your bow with sling swivels attached and a non-slip back for all day comfort in the field.

Buck Baits

Archers can go to Buck Baits if they're looking for the kind of carry slings that can automatically stay out of the way to shoot on or off their shoulder. If you want your sling to have a stiffened portion to keep it out of your string path with a widened section for extra shoulder comfort, then you might want to try the Buck Baits Crossbow Carry Sling Stirrup Mount.

Buck Baits also makes their stirrup mounts to be convertible into a back-carrying unit that will come with a widened section for extra shoulder comfort. Other features to expect from Buck Baits' accessories include: a valuable add-on in the form of a riser mounting pin for crossbow stock; guaranteed that products undergo several years of testing; and patented creations, such as the Realtree® Xtra Series.