Crossbow Strings wants this category to be your one-stop ultimate guide to what crossbow strings to buy from today's leading brands, such as: BlackHeart, Excalibur, First String, and October Mountain.

We'd like to limit our criteria of what brands to feature to such factors: brand prominence, string material, where the strings are made, customization features, add-ons and signature or patented tech.

October Mountain

October Mountain is one of the largest creators of superior crossbow strings that are made from tri-color Velocity Plus material. The brand's crossbow strings are known for featuring tight nylon center serving and end loops. If you're an archer of whatever skill level, you might want to try the October Mountain Crossbow String that has 36 in. Barnett Brotherhood attributes.

It's got all the aforementioned features that complement well with whatever draw weight or limbs of a bow. Pair these strings with October Mountain's Explorer 2.0 recurve bows, sights, plungers and stabilizer and you'll be an archer force to reckon.

First String

First String's crossbow strings are defined for their guarantee of a no-serving separation, as well as no-creep or no-stretch features. If you're a beginner, you might want to get the First String Crossbow String with Horton Recon, Vision 175 attributes, which has the aforementioned no-creep and no-stretch promise.

Other signature features of First String include: the promise that all of its products are proudly made in the United States; you can build and order custom bow strings; the reputation of being the largest custom bow string manufacturer in the country; and engaged customer support to help you decide what replacement string or cables to order.


Excalibur aims to be known as the maker of practical crossbow strings that already come with great loop strength and a Flemish twist design for increasing speed and tunability. One of these strings is the Excalibur Flemish String made with a tighter center serving for Mag Tip limbs.

Other signature technologies offered by the brand include: the BCY DynaFlight 97 material in the strings; a reduced creep and increased speed guarantee; maximum compatibility with major bow lines; and above average price. These strings elevate the already impressive trademark inventions of the Excalibur, such as the Excalibur’s 400 Take Down series and the Suppressor 400 TD that allows crossbows to reach a never-before-seen Micro speeds of up to 400 fps.