Deep Six Broadheads always strives in this category to give you the best options of deep six broadheads from today's leading brands and manufacturers, which include: G5 Outdoors, Grim Reaper, Magnus, New Archery, QAD, Ramcat, Solid and Swhacker.

Some of the important criteria we analyzed to give you the best in the market include price point, durability, body material, retention system features, and other signature, patented features.

G5 Outdoors

Since 1966 G5 Outdoors has created a family-owned business name that develops innovative manufacturing and production practices to make bowhunters more effective in the field. Such renown has led the company to creating heavy-duty, stainless steel Deep 6 broadheads for pro archers, like the G5 Deadmeat model featured in this category. This model is a stand-out for its barb-less design and snap-loc blade retention system that are a must-have for bowhunters.

Grim Reaper

The reputation of Grim Reaper as a brand is in its unceasing passion to improve its series of Deep 6 broadheads, giving beginners and pros the maximum penetration they deserve. One of their signature innovations is the New PRO Tip and "Snap Cup" design, which helps archers hold all their bow's components for easy installation with arrows. We recommend you get the Grim Reaper Fatal Steel Deep Six Broadhead if you want deep penetration and maximum follow-up through damage in your hunts.


The name Magnus is already synonymous with top performing broadheads with field-tip accuracy. One of its many signature offerings today is its Lifetime Guarantee for the construction of every broadhead or archery gear you purchase.

These include the Magnus Stinger Deep Six Broadhead that's made from knife grade stainless steel. We recommend this one for both experts and beginners who want a lifetime gear they can carry with them throughout their archery journey.

New Archery

If you prefer brands with a track record to be the world's leader in mechanical broadhead tech, then New Archery is your choice since it's been number one for over 30 years. We recommend you get its NAP Spitfire Maxx Broadheads if you're already a fan of New Archery's standard Spitfire broadhead but you want something that has a cut-on-contact point and offset blades.

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