Discharge Bolts

What aims in this category is to make sure archers can get all the information they need about discharge bolts that are currently sold by brands like: Barnett, TenPoint, Killer Instinct, Carbon Express and Rocky Mountain.

Our criteria to make our selection include: brand reputation, availability of items, arrow type included, add-ons, bow compatibility and grain size.


Barnett should be your brand if you're looking for discharge bolts with a de-cocking mechanism for safe and controlled crossbow deactivation. Some of the prominent features of Barnett's bolts include: a glow in the dark vane for correct fletch and nock track alignment and 500 grains of weight for maximum damage.

People in one archery talk forum will agree that Barnett offers cheaply priced but top seller archery gear with no problem even when used hundred times.


You can rely on TenPoint for discharge bolts that include a 20-inch carbon arrow that's already installed with an Alpha-Nock discharge collar and field tip. The 20-inch carbon arrow included in the bolts have a 725 grain finished arrow that you can use on most crossbows that shoot a 20 inch arrow.

If you're a beginner archer in need of a good discharge bolt that's compatible with your bow's capture nocks or moon, TenPoint has your answer.

Killer Instinct

A brand owned by HAWK Group, Killer Instinct is impressive in the way it adds a safety mechanism in its discharge bolts so archers can unload the crossbows with confidence. It's a brand that focuses on making sure your crossbow works without worrying about damaging one of your hunting bolts.

An impressive innovation of the brand is its DEADSTOP decocking point creation, which is a composite gear molded around Ultra-Dense Stainless Steel to withstand repeated ground impact from today’s high-powered crossbows.

Other features to watch out for from the brand include: a Dual-Tier Stop Ring design that slows down velocity and stops the bolt instantly from burrowing in the ground; a highly visible reflective wrap; and bright florescent vanes that make DeadStop Decocking Bolt easy-to-find when discharging after dark.

If you're a beginner archer, then you might want to keep a Killer Instinct Discharge bolt stashed in your quiver for a safe and easy way to unload your crossbow.

October Mountain

One stronghold discharge bolt created by October Mountain is the XB Impact Discharge Head, which we recommend to all archers because it can fit with any standard crossbow bolt.