DIY Compound Bow Packages

You get to choose one of our regular compound bow packages with the addition of arrows, points / broadheads and a release, combined to all the necessary equipment to tune your bow without compromising affordability while keeping your visits to the pro shop to a minimum.

Those are real ready-to-shoot packages allowing you to make the adjustments you need. Set the proper draw length with the hand tool or pin point the right draw weight with the help of a scale while being able to install your peep sight and maintaining your bow string with a portable bow press. Plus, you have all of this at the best price you can get.

You also have the choice to upgrade most of the items included in the packages for extras.

Go ahead and build your own!

*You are not sure which options to choose from!? We are here to help whether you need info on which release would best suit your needs or how to determine the proper arrow spine. Feel free to visit our Blog or Contact Us.