Draw Checks & Clickers

It's the aim of to offer the most valuable archery solutions in the market, which is why in this category you will find today's best draw checks and clickers from big brands like: AAE, Sideklick and Mybo.

To make sure that you get the most relevant and updated information, we may include these factors in selecting which types and brands to feature: availability, price point, non-slip feature, sight bar add-ons, mounting bracket quality and many others.


AAE is the brand to pick when you want a brand that has specialized in making clickers non-slip. What we can recommend to you if you're aiming for a heavy-duty, non-slip clicker is the AAE Extended Clicker.

Its non-slip quality is tested and authenticated and will include magnets that help eliminate bounce-back and vibration every after shot. Beginners and intermediate archers alike have a lot to love in this model release, especially for the fact that you can even also mount it to a sight bar.

You can get this clicker either in Gold or Black. Another interesting take by AAE on the clicker is made manifest in the AAE Gold Micro Clicker, which we recommend to right-handed beginners and pros. Made from hard anodized aluminum and brass coated with stainless components, this micro-adjustable clicker can be mounted behind a sight.


The strength of Clickety-Klicker as a brand lies in how it has made a name in delivering accurate and consistent draw checks. We especially recommend the features, strengths and add-ons of the Clickety-Klicker Draw Check.

Other than the consistency and accuracy it offers, it has superior adjustable length and adhesive-backed mounts that can attach to upper bow limbs, and you can attach its string end to your bowstring.

If you're an intermediate archer who wants a draw check that you can not only mute for hunting, but also adjust its lengths, then this is nothing but a tailor-fit made gear for you.


Clickers from Crick-it are designed to elevate your bow hunting experience by giving you a stealth-type option via the ability to mute the clickers. We recommend the Crick-It Draw Check as your reliable companion if you're a beginner or an intermediate archer.

The small profile draw check this one has can help not only boost your consistency, but also equip you with better accuracy ratio. This also comes with an adhesive-backed mount you can attach to the top limbs and a set of adjustable length strings to attach to your bow string.