Finger Savers brings into this category some of today's prominent brands of finger savers made available by such established companies as: October Mountain, Pine Ridge and Saunders.

What we used as our criteria to make the selection are the following factors: brand reputation, finger pitch elimination, comfort level, installation add-on, difficulty of use and durability.

October Mountain

You can trust October Mountain for whatever finger saver you need that can eliminate finger pinch and provide superior comfort. Made at two piece set per pack and an installation tool, October Mountain helps archers improve full-draw positions without compromising the comfort.

We suggest you get the October Mountain Quick Shot Finger Savers if you're a beginner archer who wants a stylish piece of blue finger-pinch elimination that's not short in comfort. You get added value for getting this edition at 2 pc. set per pack.

Other benefits and features to enjoy from October Mountain's finger savers and other archery essentials include: enhanced fiber material for increased consistency; nose and hand-shock reduction features; unique carbon body material in bows; and max compatibility with patented Night Ridge, SEKTOR 62", and Versa-Cradle Microtune Bow Viser and Strata 62" longbows.

Pine Ridge

Finger savers from Pine Ridge seem to stand out for their ability to create finger savers made of a strong yet soft material that allows the shooter to shoot a bow without using a finger tab or release. If you want to simply wrap your fingers around the finger saver, which is just below your nocking point and you’ll be ready to shoot, Pine Ridge is your go-to choice.

Pine Ridge makes sure that its finger savers will save you time and create consistency for beginning shooters like young kids and archers, so they can get started in archery early. These finger savers do work great for bowfishing, too, so more added value in one package.

We suggest you get the Pine Ridge Finger Savers that come in a variety of colors if you want something you can use even if you transition into an expert level archer.


You get the best finger savers when they're made of soft, molded waterproof material, and thankfully that's what Saunders offers. If you want a no-glove shooting for a more authentic feel, then the Saunders Finger Guard is the perfect gear you can use, whether bowfishing or simply target shooting.