Fixed Blade Broadheads meticulously arranges in this category all of the outstanding and trusted brands of fixed blade broadheads in the market, which include: Allen, 30-06, HIT Outdoors, Blood Therapy, Bloodsport, Cold Steel, Crimson Talon and many others.

To provide you the best deals, we made sure to include in our criteria the following factors: precision and piercing power, cutting diameter, signature features, durability of material construction and value for money.


When it comes to outdoor gear, 30-06 is already a time-tested brand since it established itself as an archery gear leader since 2007. In its goal to become the most complete manufacturer of Hunting Goods in the outdoor industry, it has created the 30-06 Main Artery Broadheads, which we recommend for its 420 stainless steel blades and aircraft aluminum ferrule. Perfect for both beginners and pro archers.


Allen's passion for the outdoors since its creation in 1970 has led to the creation of today's most outstanding broadheads, such as the BLOODRUSH™ series. We recommend you get its Allen Haymaker Broadheads if you want stainless steel fixed blades for heavy-duty longevity and a razor sharp chisel tip for deeper target penetration. With its .031" blade thickness, even beginners can appreciate how powerful this model can be.

HIT Outdoors/B3 Archery

The name B3 Archery is already an established brand in Eastern Kentucky's rolling hills when it comes to having 250 years of collective archery experience. We recommend their B3 Exoskeletal Destrukt Fixed Blade Broadhead for pro archers who want curved blades that cut faster and deliver more penetrating blows. Its micro steel head with bone smashing tip is an added bonus.

Blood Therapy

If you prefer a brand who specializes in designing innovative but functional fixed blade broadheads with unmatched accuracy and penetration, Blood Therapy is your go-to choice. Its OCD Broadheads (100 gr. 3 pk.) is what we can recommend for beginners who want less resistance in their hits but a higher percentage of pass throughs. The cut on contact tip also makes for deeper penetration.

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