Game Cameras

We here at Hunting-bow find joy in creating this category that will educate or enlighten archers about what game cameras will be of best value to them. These game cameras that we feature come from such brands as: Bresser, Browning, Covert, Bushnell, and Moultrie.

The criteria of selection we used to make our listings include: brand reputation, durability, waterproofing, catalog of options, sight enhancements and resolution.


Bresser is a reliable brand for its ability to program game cameras to be capable of being triggered by a motion sensor, time or both. Bresser innovates game cameras to work with an ample field of view and trigger speed and to have a 2 inch LCD color display on the programming dongle for image review.

If you're looking for a game camera that comes with a mounting strap and RCA cables and a USB cable for additional viewing options, you'd have a lot to like about the 5 MP Standard Bresser Game Camera.


Browning is our stand-out choice for its ability to release to the market the kind of game cameras that feature an invisible infrared flash to ensure game or trespassers on your property do not detect the camera while it is capturing images or videos.

Other features to enjoy from Browning include: game cameras that have a Sub Micro case size that packs all the performance you would expect with a 16 MP picture quality; 1280 x 720 HD videos with sound; lightning fast 0.4 - 0.7 second adjustable trigger speeds; 30 or 60 frames per second for the most incredible video clips of game on your property; photo info bars; compatibility with up to 512 GB SDXC memory cards and superior battery life.

If you're looking for SD card management options and Smart IR video to keep recording game during the daytime, you're the right person for the 16MP Browning Dark Ops Extreme Scouting Camera, which also features a battery meter that is compatible with Alkaline and Lithium batteries.

Stealth Cam

We like Stealth Cam for its innovative spirit in creating game cameras that come with a 42 No Glo infrared LEDs and such impressive specs as: 0.5 second trigger speed; the option to go with 1080p HD video: a 100 ft flash range; 22 MP resolution; instant or delayed image transmission; and a burst mode and time/date/moon/temp/name stamp to make sure you know where you got the footage.