The mission of in this category is to equip archers with all the best options of grips they can find from today's leading brands, including: Cir-cut, Limbsaver, and Shrewd.

Factors we used to make our selection include: brand reputation, durability, availability, hide material, added insulation, adhesives, manufacturer and comfortability.


Archers will enjoy such signature features in Cir-Cut's grips: premium natural deer skin material and all weather adhesive that will fit all bow grip styles. If you want the maximum comfortable feel in your bow grip, you can go with Cir-Cut Bow Grip Black Deerskin. It's great for traditional bows and is guaranteed Made in the USA, so quality is as high as can be. You don't have to worry about whether this fits with your bow grip since its precision die cut shape guarantees it will.


Limbsaver aims to be known among archers as the creator of insulated grips that already incorporate a tentacle design in them for maximizing comfort and isolating vibration and bow shock. It will also help in insulating yourself from harsh conditions. We especially like to promote the Limbsaver Tentacle Wrap to intermediate archers looking for such features.

This grip's non-slip material ensures you get a consistent sure hit to your target even in wet conditions. The insulation available in Limbsaver's grips are made to protect against cold and heat while at the same time letting you wrap around your bow grip as quickly as you need to.

Mathews Archery

Mathews claims it wants to elevate the world of archery through its patented signature innovations, such as the TRAVERSE™, VERTIX™, VXR™31.5 and VXR™28 bow hunting kits. It's a brand known in its gear for its weight-cutting features to improve strength and stability; mechanisms to enhance cam efficiencies and increase the effects of 3D damping.

If you're a right-handed archer looking for a grip with these features in mind, we suggest you get the Mathews Engage Grip Carbon. It's made with patented tech designed to give you consistent hand placement for enhancing comfort regardless of your hand size.


What's shrewd about Shrewd as a brand is that it's able to create grips that have precision machined aluminum low wrist design. If you're a right-handed archer looking for a bold, black grip that has a low wrist design, then the Shrewd Mathews Low Grip is the heavy-duty, aluminum type grip for you.

Other known features Shrewd is now known for include: a proprietary STS Carbon and Hilo dampers to create a revolutionary stabilizer system designed to maximize performance; internal tapers that give an extremely rigid but lightweight system; unrivaled dampening and noise reduction features; and removable weights designed with the help of the brand's decades of experience.