Hang On Stands

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We here at Hunting-bow.com want this category to be the No. 1 source for all archers looking for the right hang-on stands they can purchase from brands they already trust.

Our selection process on what brands to feature will have but are not limited to the following criteria: brand reputation, no. of products in latest 2020 catalog, durability, skill level compatibility and difficulty to use or install.

Big Dog

Big Dog deserves a mention here because of its innovation, initiative and commitment to creating hang-on stands that feature 2 heavy-duty ratchet straps built into ratchet rods and heavy duty coated stainless steel cables.

If you want such features and need a load capacity of 300 lbs, you'd get great value from the Advanced Treestand i2 Hang On Stands because they already include backpack straps for maximum gear unity. Other features to admire from Big Dog's engineering department include: hang-on treestands that come with padded back rests, shooting rails and foot rests.

Lone Wolf

Archers can begin to appreciate Lone Wolf's brand because of its innovation in creating lightweight hang-on treestands with self-leveling seats and platforms. Lone Wolf allows archers and hunters to preset multiple stand locations for quick, easy hanging in their stands. Plus, Lone Wolf will add into their stands a huge 30" x 19.5" one-piece cast aluminum platform with built in bow holders and contoured foam seat pads.

Other features to explore from Lone Wolf's hang-on stands include: an assault hang-on stand with an LW Climbing Stick; Alphatech Stick Quivers; maximum versatility; ligthweight material; and a strong and an easy, quiet set-up. We suggest you get the Lone Wolf Assault Hunt Ready System if you're a beginner archer and you still want to see if Lone Wolf is the brand for you.


Millennium should be your brand of choice if you want your hang-on stands to feature a patented integrated Interlock Leveling System so you, the hunter, can adjust the seat and the platform to be perfectly level even in a slanted tree.

What's unique about Millennium is that it's able to create a ComfortMAX seat and footrest to provide a safe, quiet and comfortable hunt. With its innovative CamLOCK receiver system, you can move from one pre-set stand site to another in a quick and easy move.

The Interlock Leveling System from the brand requires no tools and gives you the ability to adjust the angle of the platform in seconds for those less than perfect tree stand sites.