Hunting Clothing - Accessories

We here at Hunting-bow aim to create this category to educate all archers about the most valuable hunting clothing and accessories they can purchase from such brands as: Vanish, Dead Ringer, Shocker, Scent-Lok, and Scent Blocker.

Our criteria to establish accuracy in our selection are the following: fit cuff quality, durability, brand reputation, quantity of products in catalog and support add-ons.


We believe in Vanish because of its ability to create the kind of hunting clothing that archers can use as they progress to higher skill levels. Archers of whatever skill level will enjoy the Vanish Balaclava Face Mask Realtree Edge as it's a lightweight Balaclava face mask that's breathable for better air flow and all-day comfort. Vanish is able to offer multi-function face masks that archers can quickly convert into a neck gaiter.

Other offers to enjoy from Vanish include: head gear that shapely conforms to one's face and glasses; masks with built-in nose bridge; durable and lightweight 4-way stretch fabric; and extra long cuffs for various use.


You can trust Scent-Lok as the brand that can offer you hunting clothing and accessories that conform to whatever heavy weather or season you're planning to explore. For late season hunting where you need as much warmth as you can get, you might want to use the large ScentLok Fleece Pop Top Glove Realtree Edge. Scent-Lok innovated in making it into a top glove that's made out of Carbon Alloy technology that both combines activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite for that needed maximum odor adsorption.

Scent-lok's other innovations include: versatile flip-up mitts that allow you to stay warm in the stand while maintaining dexterity; magnetic closure that keeps archers' mitts secure when they're anchoring a shot; wicking treatment for moisture management; warm 180g fleece outer and 380g fleece inner; and a palm grip design that provides confidence in any type of archer's grip.

We suggest you get the ScentLok Radar Fleece Headcover Realtree Edge and ScentLok Carbon Alloy Knit Cuff Beanie Green if you're a beginner archer camping outdoors and need all the warming support for a long-day hunting training.

Scent Blocker

We suggest you get the large Scent Blocker Underguard Glove Realtree Edge if you're an expert archer looking for an Underguard Glove that features poly/merino wool. Scent Blocker is the innovator of the Cold Fusion Catalyst for odor adsorption, wick-treated lining, touch tech fingertips, stretch fit cuffs and silicone printed palms.