Hunting Stabilizers

It is the aim of in this category to empower archers with all the best options of hunting stabilizers they can purchase from the right brands, including: 30-06, AAE, Apex, Axcel, Axion, Bee Stinger, and so much more.

Our criteria to understand what constitutes the best hunting stabilizer today include: durability, signature features, offsetting weight features and added accessories.

Bee Stinger

Bee Stinger is a stand-out brand because of its creation of stabilizers that are perfectly balanced to offset the weight of your sight, quiver and other accessories. One of its flagship products include the Bee Stinger MicroHex Counter Slide Stabilizer, which we like for it has achieved the perfectly balanced and offset weight feature above, but at the same time offers a limitless number of configurations to custom-build it depending on whether you're doing target shooting or hunting.

Other prominent patented features of Bee Stinger include machined aluminum end caps, stainless steel weights, ultra-rigid 100% carbon rods, and Sims Internal Adapters that help you acquire targets faster, hold your bow with much more stability and reduce significant amount of vibration.


30-06 is a brand known to give their hunting stabilizers reduced bow hand shocks; a 3-piece dampener system; a dynamic blade design that has contoured cutouts and a full draw counter that can stabilize the balance with a weight forward design. If you're a beginner hunter, we suggest you get the 30-06 Evo Stabilizer for its machined aluminum body and 3-piece dampener system weights that's perfect for any wild terrain.


Archers will love AAE for creating a line of hunting stabilizers that already come with maximum stabilization and vibration dampening at its minimal size. AAE's patented creations involve features like: hi-modulus carbon material for an extremely effective lever arm; a maximum set of stabilization features; a patented Sims Vibration tech to address vibration issues and to prevent unwanted feedback at the bow.

We suggest you get the AAE Hot Rodz Western Hunter Stabilizer Kit if you're a right-handed intermediate archer looking for a combo kit with a 10" carbon hunter rod that has a front stabilizer. This comes with an 8" rod for a side bar to create that needed perfectly balanced hunting set-up.


Apex brings to the table some of the military-grade machined aluminum material in their hunting stabilizers. Its patented technology called the "Buzzkill System" is useful to expert archers looking to reduce vibration in each shot.

We suggest you get the Apex Covert Stabilizer if you want your stabilizer to also have a removable Picatinny Rail Mount for adding such accessories as action cameras or predator lights.