We here at Hunting-bow would like to make this category as the number source for all archers looking for the most premium lures available from such brands as: Big and J, Black Widow, Buck Baits, Buck Bomb, Wildlife Research and Wild Carrot.

Our criteria to make our unique selection include: brand reputation, quality, effectivity,
duration, versatility, bottle size and ingredients.

Buck Baits

We see Buck Baits as a reliable maker of lures that are multi-purpose and can be used for bucks to get them curious enough to check out who might have been trespassing in their territory. We suggest you get the 4 oz. Buck Baits Buck Urine if you want your lures to be used for various targets but also have a buck curiosity scent for a specialized lure set-up.

Other features to enjoy from Buck Baits include: a combination pack lures, such as "Doe in Heat", and "Deer Musk", which are a much powerful set-up; applicability to various surfaces; spray mister cap system; lures that can act as attractants, cover scents and deterrents all at the same time; human odor masking; and applicability for baiting, stalking and calling coyotes.

Buck Bomb

What many archers can enjoy about Buck Bomb is its focus in making lures made from urine from bucks that are at least 3.5 years old. One particular lure that marks in archer's mind is the Buck Bomb Aerosol Buck Rut, which comes in a 6.65 oz. pack of pure fresh urine from bucks that are proven to be an efficient and effective way to trigger dominant behavior in mature bucks from the pre-rut through the peak of the breeding period.

You can trust Buck Bomb to give you lures that work best while you're in your stand or blind, or when stalking deer to create a barrier of cover scent between you and the animal. The way Buck Bomb designed its lures' atomized scent is equally effective when used on scent trails, in mock scrapes, or when applied to a decoy to ramp up the enticement level.

Other features to expect from the brand include: an all natural estrus blend formula that's effective throughout the entire season; and a retractable scent wick that comes with two spikes for versatility.

Wild Carrot

We trust Wild Carrot to give you lures collected from the urine of a buck that's "In A Rut", which means his testosterone levels have spiked and are looking to breed. One of these lures is the Wild Carrot Scents Rutting Buck Attractant.