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Nock Sets & D-Loop Material

We aim here at Hunting-bow to make this category as the go-to resource site for everything related to nock Sets & D-Loop materials that are sold by such leading brands as: BCY, October Mountain, Paradox, and Pine Ridge.

The criteria we used to make our selection include: durability, brand reputation, falling off limit, string wear elimination, arrow pinching enhancements and peep alignment.


BCY builds a name in the industry by innovating small diameter, firm braided, highly durable Spectra-covered release loop materials. Its reputation in creating the latest advances in bowstring technology is best exemplified in the features found in the various type of D-Loop material sizes and lengths it offers to the market.

Other offers to enjoy from the brand include: product development from feedback of amateur and professional archers worldwide; superior understanding of technical nuances of materials; Guaranteed Made in the USA products; no creep, high abrasion resistance, patented construction guarantee; 80% SK99 Highest Quality Dyneema - 20% Vectran body; and the smaller diameter its loop materials mean more strands are needed for a finished Bowstring.

BCY is known by archers for the Dyneema® - SK78 and B55 Bowstrings it creates, which are all made of 100% high grade polyester.


QAD is a stand-out for bringing out on the table reliable nock sets designed for most shallow engagement type releases. We suggest you get the Ultra-Nok 2 if you're a beginner archer who wants to stop arrows from falling off the string at full draw.

QAD's focus is in giving archers the power to eliminate string wear, arrow pinching, and cable interference, while they're still securely clamping to the string. Other benefits to experience from the brand include: nocks that maintain positive peep alignment; nocks with metal nocking loop that will not un-nock the arrows or dislodge from arrow rests when bumped or swiveled; adjustability to any nock size; and ability to eliminate serving wear and improve arrow flight.

QAD also gives archers one release points directly behind the arrow, giving about 4 anti- vibration screws. If you're still a beginner, we suggest you get QAD because they have nocks that fit virtually all release aids. The extra long feature they have also maximize release-aid clearance and increase accuracy.


Archers can go to Saunders if they want lightweight, rounded brass nock sets with protective inner liner that keeps arrows to a consistent string position. What makes archers even more empowered by Saunders is its patented tech, such as the Gate™ , Bludgeons™, Brush Offs™ and Combo™ Custom series.