Optic Accessories always wants you to get the best value for your money, which is why we present in this category the most valuable, high quality optic accessories sold by today's leading brands, including: Bushnell, Centerpoint, Crooked Horn Outfitters, Leupold, Sportsmans Outdoors, Loc Outdoorz, and SME.

The last thing you want is to be overwhelmed with tech specs, so we make your life easier by filtering the selection process of what products to feature here according to the following criteria : price, availability, pre-order options, cost-effectiveness, waterproofing system, adjustable straps, roof prism compatibility and many important add-ons.


Tenzing may not be as big as other brands, but it sure makes up for it by giving the customers some of the most comfortable padded shoulder straps and accessories that money can buy. We especially feel confident to recommend to our loyal customers the Tenzing BH15 Bino Holster Realtree Edge not just because they're comfortable, but because they're built with ultra thin mesh and a waterproof tricot binocular pocket that never fails on anyone. Archers of expert or intermediate skill level would also love its compatibility with most roof prism binoculars today.


Bushnell is definitely a brand you can trust when you want accessories for your optics that are built to last, ultra-precise and efficiently battery-powered. We especially like to recommend the Bushnell Laser Boresighter All Calibers for archers of intermediate skill level. The bright, battery-powered laser that this one comes with is a perfect addition to making it deliver ultra-precise boresighting work. Truly, gunsmiths and serious shooters will find their exacting demands met by acquiring this accessory. The addition of arbors in this one for .22 through .50 caliber firearms is an added, valuable bonus.

Loc Outdoorz

Fun-loving but reliable, Loc Outdoorz is a brand aiming to be known in the market as the go-to shop for heavy-duty, wider and softer material quality of bino slings. If you're still building your kit as a beginner archer, you may like to consider having with you the LOC Outdoorz Octa Bino Sling to protect your bino with. It's perfect for both 3D or bowhunting, and can easily be attached to your binos without sweat. goes out of its way to make sure the claims these brands make are accurate, updated and reliable, including their official product attributes and model nos. This is to make sure that you have the right accessories for your optics that fit the kind of