Peep Sights & Accessories

We at would like to make this category as the solutions provider for every archer looking for the best peep sights and accessories sold by such top brands, like: 30-06, Fletcher, G5 Outdoors, Hamskea and Specialty Archery.

Our criteria of selecting which brands to feature here include: durability, brand recognition, clarity of sight pins, difficulty of use, peep sight quality, correction mechanism and portability.

Specialty Archery

When it comes to quality verifiers, Specialty Archery stands out in its ability to allow archers see their sight pins in a clarity level no other brand can compare. The kind of peep sights sold by the brand are touted to be ideal for shooters who either have difficulty seeing objects at close distances, or have the need for a higher number in the verifier quality to offer stronger correction.

Other established features and patent innovations from Specialty Archery include: trademarked Podium® technology; guaranteed that the products have high-end precision competitive accessory stamp; compatibility with lens in their pin sights; perfect compatibility with Lens Brite Anti Fog Lens Cleaner and Foam Applicator; and a Vibra-Tite VC 3 innovation that helps hold the apertures in place.

We recommend the 1/8 in. Specialty Archery Verifier to beginner archers who want all the help they can get to make the target image clearer and their sight pins even more vibrant.

G5 Outdoors

What's remarkable about G5 Outdoors as a global brand is the fact that its peep sights and accessories are machined from a single piece of 7000 series aluminum. The peep sights from the brand also feature a non-abrasive coating and radial string grooves for a more secure engagement.

Exciting features archers can enjoy from the brand's peep sights and other accessories include: a convex interior design that keeps the sight image round and clear; a field of view maximization feature; patented Montec M3, Striker X, Striker V2 and DeadMeat series of innovation; and a 100% American Made Guarantee.

We suggest you get the G5 Meta Pro Peep Purple Large Hunter if you want the standard machined aluminum guarantee while at the same time the radial string grooves that can maximize your field of vision.


What archers can love about Fletcher are its peep sights that are made of 100% aluminum with a legendary design that allows for a perfectly round, shaded hole at full draw. If you're an intermediate archer we recommend you get the blue, 3/16 in. Fletcher Tru Peep that eliminates the need for protruding hoods and is kept in place by reliable safety tie groove.