Pellet & BB Guns would like this category to be the ultimate guide for archers in finding the right pellet and BB guns they need from such esteemed brands as: Crosman, Daisy and Gamo.

Our specialized criteria to make sure the best brands are given priority are the following: brand reputation, compatibility with ammunition, level of lifelike realism to the actual gun, type of power mechanism and magazine type.


We see Crosman as one of the best makers of pellet and BB guns that are not only CO2 powered, but have valuale features, like checkered grips, polymer frame, and steel barrel. If you want these features but are looking for a speed of at least 480 fps, then we suggest you get the Crosman 1911 BB Air Pistol.

Other features to expect from Crosman's line of BB pistols include: convenient drop-out magazine feature for fast reloading; ability to hold about 20 BBs; easy grip panel that's removable for easy CO2 replacement; precision steel barrel for extra durability; single action bold design; easy pump forearm; and the brand reputation of being the most trusted name in airsoft and airgun accessories and equipment.

Crosman is also trusted for simple-to-use airguns for beginner shooters. It's a brand that has specialized in features, like a variable pump power and a BB reservoir that can hold up to 200 BBs, that make it easy for a beginner to learn advanced shooter skills at 625 FPS speed or up.


Daisy is a stronghold brand in the industry of pellet and BB guns mainly for its series of Multi-pump pneumatic airguns with dual ammo capability (pellet and BB). We can recommend the black Daisy Model 35 Powerline Airgun if you want a stylish airgun to train for the real one that already comes with at least 690 fps speed.

Daisy's other best known features and offers include: a wide catalog of youth rifles, air rifles and powerline rifles; brand reputation of being in the industry since 1882; the first company to introduce caseless ammunition and rifle; an option to get a Monte Carlo stock molded design; and the ability to offer a muzzle velocity of about 350 feet per second (110 m/s).


Gamo is impressive in creating the 10X Quick Shot Technology and the Powerplant IGT Inert Gas Technology gas piston for its pellet and BB guns. We especially would like to recommend to beginners to practice with the Gamo Swarm Fox Air Rifle .177 for its simple-to-use grain pellets.