Quivers & Mounts

What aims in this category is to make sure archers can get the most complete information they need about quivers and mounts sold right now by such respected brands, as: Bohning, Excalibur, G5 Outdoors, TenPoint, Ravin, and TenPoint.

Our criteria for judging these brands include: brand reputation, ambidextrous quality, bracket allowability, compatibility with most modern quivers and maneuver type.


We believe Bohning is a trustworthy maker of quivers and mounts for its ability to create quiver mounts that can be attached to the sight rail of a crossbow without removing the scope.

The innovation from Bohning results to allowing for parallel mounting of your quiver, which then makes transporting through brush a breeze. You can rely on the brand to also make your mounts reduce forward weight of your crossbow, and can work for either right or left handed shooters. If you're an ambidextrous beginner archer, you may want to try the Bohning Top Mount Crossbow Quiver Mount if you want to enjoy a quick scope install without the need to removing it from the crossbow.

Trust Bohning, too, if you want your mounts to be paired with the cornerstone, trademarked vanes that the brand is also best known for today. Other premium offers to enjoy from Bohning include: stainless steel, durable rust-free finish in the body; patented Bohning's Tex-Tite and Seal-Tite Wax technology; and a Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A. guarantee.


TenPoint is another brand to trust when you want ambidextrous quivers that already come with a side mount quiver bracket, allowing for the quiver to be mounted parallel to either side of the stock, providing greater maneuverability for crossbows with narrow bow assemblies.

If you own the most popular brands of quivers, you'd have no problem using the TenPoint Side Mount Quiver Brackets since they mostly work on today's most modern models.


Go with Excalibur if you want a brand that makes mounts with built safety-hold mechanisms to keep arrows and broadheads secure. Excalibur may be known among archers as the maker of quivers that with the help of a quick twist of a locking screw, can be removed from your crossbow for maximum mobility while hunting.

Other features to expect from the brand include: quivers that are made with a four-arrow design and two-tough arrow clips to securely hold arrows in either mechanical or fixed blade broadheads; and a heavy-duty camouflaged hood that protects you from razor sharp blades.

Excalibur is also impressive for having a No. 1 Reputation in the market for crossbows with TACT-100 scopes and Pro-Short frictionless triggers.