Recurve Bows

We here at will do everything in this category to offer you all the relevant info you might need in finding the best recurve bows sold by today's most competing brands, including but not limited to: Bear, Martin, October Mountain Products and PSE.

Our criteria in choosing what brands to feature here include: robust customer support, catalog of options, durability, and interchangeability of components.


Bear is a strong brand choice of recurve bows because of its series of patented tech, which includes the Eko™ Cam, Truex Nock tech, and traditional bows and limbs made of layered, hand crafted black and white fiberglass.

We recommend you get the Bear Grizzly Recurve Bow if you're an expert archer looking for about 58" in your gear's AMO length with a leather side plate, Dacron Flemish String and an added hair rest.

Bear has been around since 1964, and it's a brand that can give you one-piece traditional recurve bows that are not only affordable but will come with clear-maple quality of limbs and strong black fiberglass. Other features and benefits to enjoy from Bear include: accurately powerful traditional recurve bows for professional and recreational use; Crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf in the bow; and red hard rock maple risers.


Martin is a strong brand choice if you're aiming for recurve bows that have a draw weight of about 35 lbs to 55 lbs and drilled holes that can be installed with a sight.

We especially would like to recommend the Martin Jaguar Elite Takedown Recurve Bow for beginner archers looking for a lightweight recurve bow without compromising design and the comfort in the hold. If you want the highest quality and most renowned recurve bow from Martin Archery, this is definitely the brand to go to.

Martin also allows archers to adjust or change the limbs of the bow so they can gradually increase the poundage over time. Other benefits that the brand offers include: a quiet, shock-free effect that can take down bigger games with its 50+ lbs of draw weight; short, compact and handshock-free ADX patented tech; and the RRAD Weight Distribution System in the riser that is fully adjustable to the archers’ feel.

October Mountain Products

October Mountain Products stuns archers with its creation of versatile recurve bows developed both for lightweight, optimal recreational use and AMO-maximized target shooting. We would recommend the OMP Explorer 2.0 Recurve Bow for beginner and intermediate archers looking for a budget but machined aluminum limbs in their bows for extreme durability.