Recurve Crossbows presents in this category the best brands and models of recurve crossbows currently available in the market, which include crossbows from: Arrow Precision, Barnett, Centerpoint, Excalibur and many more elite brands.

Our goal is to give you accurate and updated data, so we made sure the claims here are using the following criteria: price point, current availability, compatibility to your other components, added bundles, penetration, accuracy and even simplicity of using them.

Arrow Precision

Arrow Precision as a brand is known in the market for quality, value and innovation in the category of big game hunting and target shooting, as shown in its Inferno series of recurve crossbows. We suggest you get the Arrow Precision Inferno Fury II Crossbow Package if you're a first-time recurve crossbow hunter looking for the most affordable package without compromising simplicity and penetrating power.


The one thing to remember about Barnett as a brand is that it's the number one maker today of custom-made crossbows that fit all shapes and sizes. One exceptional type of recurve crossbow we recommend here is its Barnett Recruit Crossbow Package. Made for entry-level crossbow archers, this one is a versatile crossbow that has the right penetration power to both hunt and disarm game. Its quick detach limp assembly and adjustable butt pad are the kind of added features any archer in a budget will enjoy.


Centerpoint is your go-to brand if you're a professional crossbow archer who wants signature and patented features that raise the bar and set new standards in crossbow performance. We highly recommend you get the Centerpoint Tyro Crossbow Package if you're a pro level looking for premium features, like a 4 x 32 mm scope and a 10.5" powerstroke with an average of 50 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. It's crossbows like this that can get you to Olympic tournament level as quickly as possible.


Excalibur has made a name in the market as a leader in creating high-quality recurve crossbows, especially among archery communities. If you're going professional with your crossbow passion, then we suggest you get the Excalibur Matrix Bulldog 400 because of its incredible 400fps speed and Quad-loc riser add-on. Taking your archery skills to a whole new level starts with recurve crossbows like this that already come with extra rope cocking aids. went the extra mile to analyze each of these recurve crossbow makers' claims in terms of mass weight, overall length, draw weight, speed, and other special features. We also check whether the shaft bundles they offer already come with added