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Deer Hunting Recurve Bow Package

Deer Hunting Recurve Bow Package


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Deer Hunting Recurve Bow Package



All inclusive Deer Hunting Recurve Bow Package for the archer who wants to go for a hunt with an outstanding recurve bow along with six high-quality Gold Tip Traditional arrows and three impressively reliable Zwickey Eskimo broadheads. You have the choice to upgrade your accessories individually, plus a few more options to equip yourself further to be all set and ready for the woods.

This comfortable to hold recurve bow is very accurate and powerful. This piece of equipment was specially designed for hunting and does its job very well. If you like or have heard of the Samick Sage, then you will definitely like the Smoky Mountain Hunter and this, at an even cheaper price.

Do you want to harvest the deer of your dream this season? This OMP Smoky Mountain Hunter recurve bow package will definitely be a good ally to do so in style and will prove itself extremely reliable. Many years of successful hunting ahead of you!

Don't limit yourself to deer hunting, this recurve bow contains more than enough power to bring down elks and black bears with the right poundage.

Hunting recommendations: You need at least 40 lbs of draw weight for deer hunting but you may want to check your state regulations for the minimum allowed. If you want to go for elk hunting, 50 lbs and above is strongly recommended.

Note that the Smoky Mountain Hunter is also available in 35 lbs of draw weight but was not included in this package to match the minimum requirements. If you still require lower poundage limbs, you can put a note when ordering.


Package Features


OMP Smoky Mountain Hunter Recurve Bow Features 

  • Smoky Mountain Hunter comes equipped with stabilizer bushings,
  • Sight and plunger bushings installed.
  • Smoky Mountain Hunter is available in 40-50lbs and is 62" in length.
  • Fast Flight string compatible.
  • Suggested Brace Height: 7 1/2-8 1/4".
  • Dacron string included.


Note: Depending on your selection, your package may look different than what is represented on the product image.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review Write a review

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