Release Accessories & Straps

We at want you in this category to make the most informed decision about what release accessories and straps to buy from today's renown brands, such as: Gibbs, Scott, Stanislawski, TRU Ball, TruFire, and TruGlo.

Our criteria in what makes a particular release accessory or strap the best in the market includes: durability, body construction, joint type, closure system, and adjustability of the strap.


Founded in 1993, TruGlo stands out as the world's leading maker of universal, one-hand release straps that have joint fits that fit many existing connectors today. We recommend the TruGlo BOA Universal Release Strap if you want your release straps to not only have the joint system mentioned above, but also will come with a durable construction and a boa closure system.


You can trust Stanislawski as the brand to offer you signature technologies in their release accessories, including the Stan Morex Clicker Sear and the Stan PerfeX Thumb Barrel. We suggest you get the Clicker Sear if you're a beginner archer wishing to experience how to use a click with the help of patented Stan Morex hinge releases.

The PerfeX Thumb Barrel is for both expert archers and beginners in need of a replacement for the thumb barrels of their PerfeX release aids.


Since 1982 Scott Archery LLC has created exceptional patented technologies in its release accessories, such as the ROLLER SEAR™ Technology, Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity, Knurled-Triggers and multiple jaw configurations. It's also known as the creator of the season's hottest, high quality and most dependable archery release aids, such as the Scott Replacement Buckle Strap and Scott Finger Extension.

We suggest you get the Scott Spring Trigger if you want the softest feeling trigger in your bow that at the same time allows for a better surprise release. Beginners still training in squeezing the trigger will find a lot of value in investing in this one.

The Scott Buckle Strap Caliper, on the other hand, is for all types of archers who want a solid swivel connector in their buckle straps for easier storage and efficiency in hunting. The brand's high quality stems from being in the business of archery release innovation for more than 35 years.


If it's refined accessory bags that have draw string closures are what you're looking for, look no further than Gibbs. Maker of such practical release accessories as the Gibbs Super Accessory Bag, this brand makes release aids that help you carry more gear on the range without the baggage.