Resistance Activated Releases

We at want in this category to give you the best resistance activated releases that you can purchase from a selection of elite brands, such as: Carter, Stanislawski and TruFire.

Our criteria to decide what to feature here include: durability, body construction, signature or patented technology, adjustability of trigger, and functionality.


Carter Enterprises' vision is "Accuracy Defined Through Design". One of its most prominent creations is the " Evolution Too" series, which is a resistance activated release perfect both for teaching proper shot execution and for helping struggling archers learn proper firing of a release without compromising safety.

Evolution Too features a revolutionary "Piston Resistance" signature technology that gives archers the ability to fine tune their tension adjustment range, offering a level of consistency unseen in other brands. There's also a new safety design in this one that won't allow the safety trigger to disengage if you're not pulling at the right config that the release is set for.

An alternative to the Evolution Too is the Revolution Series, which is a sure cure for any archer dealing with target panic and which can teach them the proper shot execution and back tension. Carter makes sure that it's a brand that can help archers utilize an open jaw for an easier loading and unloading when the release is on a loop.


Stanislawski®'s strengths come first from its resistance-activated releases' patented Trainer Lock Pin creation, along with the MPT2 Technology that offers an infinite number of knob, tilt, angle and projection adjustments to fit any position the archer desires. It also created the patent pending Trainer Lock™ technology that offers a threaded hole in the handle to store its training pin.

Other features that STAN® is known for include: crisp and durable 440C stainless steel material construction; a proprietary polishing system; the ErgoFIT™ cross training technology and the guarantee that each release is made in the United States.


Founded in 1984, TruFire is a brand known for its wrist strap style release that offers a spring tensioned sleeve and a hidden, adjustable trigger travel for a functional pull-through style.

Other features that the brand is known for in its releases include: a Tru Torque Free Rotation built with a patented head and body independent of each other ; precise length adjustment system to avoid target panic; and fumble-free buckle straps that promote exact strap location on your wrist even in the dark.