Safety Harnesses

Hunting-bow aims to make this category as the trusted resource for all archers looking for the right safety harnesses that suit their lifestyle and hunting strategies. Some of the brands we feature here include: Hawk Treestands, Hunter Safety System, Muddy Outdoors, and Trophy Treestands.

Criteria we used to make our selection include: light-weight level, nylon paddings, suspension relief design, performance level of tethers, quick lock buckles and shoulder strap enhancement.

Hawk Treestands

Hawk Treestands is a stand-out brand for creating harnesses that feature one-hand quick set carabiners; flexible tethers for 360 degree movement; lightweight silent bind cables; padded waist and shoulder straps for ultimate comfort; suspension relief strap pockets for quick access; and quick release leg buckles with adjustable leg straps.

Another stand out feature that the brand offers in its harnesses include a form fit technology and adjustable and durable elastic chest straps. We suggest you get the Hawk Elevate Lite Safety Harness if you're still a beginner and you want to get your hands on the most flexible tether and lightweight bind cables you can place in your gear.

If you're a pro, go for the Hawk Elevate Pro Safety Harness if you want an added integrated gear hooks in the harness for maximum protection.


You can trust Summit as your go-to brand for safety harnesses that have high performance tethers, locking carabiners, lineman belt loops, quick lock buckles, padded shoulder straps, and utility loops. We suggest you consider getting the large Summit Sport Safety Harness if you're a beginner hunter still trying to adjust your motions accordingly and want extra support from durable quick-lock buckles.

Other innovations offered by Summit today include: leg strap protection to avoid groin injury; comfort and functionality guarantee; tangle-resistant components; easy hook up harnesses; hunt-ready functions; and complete adjustability.

Hunter Safety System

You go to Hunter Safety System if you're looking for a brand that makes trim-fit harnesses that are snug to your unique body type. You may want to consider the camo Hunter Safety System Bowhunter Harness if you want the kind of harness that can eliminate dangerous dangling straps and weave-through buckles.

Hunter Safety System's dedicated engineering team gives archers these added benefits: a patented mechanism and super-silent fabric that can give you maximum stealth in the stand; maximum comfort even when you're wearing the harness over other gear; layered garment material for colder weather; and a primary tree strap and suspension relief deer drag add-on.