Saws & Pruners aims to make this category a reliable, one-stop place for all archers looking for what saws and pruners to buy from brands they probably already trust.

The factors we considered to make our selection include: brand reputation, catalog of products updated in 2020, durability, sharpness and the frequency of need for sharpening the blades.


We can't talk about saws and prunes without mentioning the innovation of 30-06 in designing lightweight ratchet shears. 30-06 made sure that its saws and prunes will cut through branches of as high as 1" in diameter. The three-stage ratcheting the brand innovated goes well with its pruners' steel sharp blades that have a comfort grip. 30-06 also made locks in the closed position of their blades for safe transport.

Other features and innovations that 30-06 brings to the table include: 10.5" Steel Serrated Blades with Pistol grips; and scabbards with belt hook inclusion.

Cold Steel

Archers would appreciate Cold Steel for being the brand that creates pruners that can be worn either slung over the shoulder or across the back in its weight, distributing the carry sheath. Cold Steel is known for creating the signature All-Terrain Chopper that's comfortable even when carried for extended periods of time.

If you're looking for blade length of about 21.5” and a handle length of 9” to snugly fit your vest, then the stylishly bold black Cold Steel All Terrain Chopper w/ Sheath might be the perfect one you need.


We see Allen as the brand to trust when in search for T Handle Field Saws that have a tough blade to penetrate wood and bone. Allen created a straight hand cutting mechanism with a 6-inch blade and ergo grip to reduce hand fatigue.

We recommend for intermediate archers or outdoor enthusiasts the use of the Gamekeeper T-Handle Field Saw since it is ergo-grip guaranteed with its sheath included, so you don't have to buy a separate one, which is not a convenient feat.


We see Gamekeeper as the brand to pick when you're up for saws and prunes that already come with hardened steel jaws. Gamekeeper makes sure that its blades have a sharp edge and a ratcheting cutting action to cut through bigger branches and reduce hand fatigue.

You can expect, too, that Gamekeeper can provide safety locks that keep the jaws closed during storage. We suggest you get the Gamekeeper Pruner in our selection, which comes in Orange and Black, if you're an intermediate archer and your priority is to lessen hand fatigue in your next fishing hunt.