Scent Control Storage

We are aiming here in Hunting-bow to make this category into a trusted source for all archers looking for the correct scent control storage they need from the brands they already trust.

Our criteria to choose which brands to feature include: brand reputation, durability, storage capacity, body material, waterproofing and other protection layers.

Dead Down Wind

We see Dead Down Wind as today's global trusted brand for storage containers that can keep archers' gear scent-free during travel or storage. The brand makes sure all its storage gear are made with water-resistant material with an exterior storage pocket and can easily accommodate a pair of boots or waders. If you're looking for a storage of your gear that has 33”x 24” in dimensions, we'd suggest you go for the Dead Down Wind Scent Control Bag as they're guaranteed to make your clothes scent-free even during longer air travel.

Hunters Specialties

What archers seem to love about Hunters Specialties is its ability to create durable storage bags that are perfect for carrying and controlling the scent of many clothing and gear. One of the many innovations that Hunters introduced to the market include: a tri-layered barrier to stop all odor transfer; specially formulated foil on the inside that locks out foreign odors; and a durable nylon inner and outer layer to withstand the assorted rigors of hunting.

Other features to expect from Hunters Specialties include: storage large enough to hold bulky clothing; mesh pockets inside for easy organization and carry handles for easy transport. If you're looking for scent control storage for gear with 34" x 25" dimensions, then the Hunters Specialties Scent-Safe Deluxe Travel Bag is our suggested gear companion.

Scent Crusher

Scent Crusher is another scent control storage maker we support for its innovation in keeping your gear and clothing dry and scent-free even in humid conditions. The brand makes storage units that are great for use in the field or for storage, and can easily handle heavy clothing, boots and hunting gear. Scent Crusher created the storage with rugged construction features to keep your gear water-resistant, including the zippers and their interlocking handles.


We trust Scent-Lok to give archers the ability to store their scent control gear in an airtight bag that keeps outside odors from contaminating gear aides in total odor protection. Scent-Lok also created rollover buckle closures that help keep scent out, and a 100% Nylon material with waterproof membrane that keeps essentials dry.