Scope Covers aims to make you the best archer you can be with the help of the best scope covers available in the market and that are sold by today's leading brands, such as Butler Creek and Leupold.

The last thing you want is get information about scope covers irrelevant to your purchase, so we make it easier for you by narrowing our criteria of selection to the following factors: availability, price, brand reputation, protective coating and water resistance protection.


Leupold is definitely one of the few strongest brands out there from which to buy water-resistant scope covers that are available in medium or large sizes. If you're aiming to go serious as an archer, the Leupold Scope Covers we featured in this category have all the attributes that can keep your Leupold scopes always looking like new.

We also like the fact that each Leupold scope cover you get comes equipped with the ability to protect your scopes from dirt and damage of varying degrees and intensity. Whether a beginner or a professional archer playing in tournaments, you want your scope covers to be water-resistant and layered with extra nylon-laminated neoprene. This is the kind of protection you get with a Leupold stamp of quality.

Butler Creek

Butler Creek is definitely the brand to look forward to when you want to get the kind of scope covers that are jam-packed with innovative, field-tested features. Whether you're an archer of intermediate skill or you're now the tactical expert in bow hunting, Butler Creek aims to be the partner you need in order to make your shooting experience even more immersive.

Right now, there are a few stand-out scope covers we like to recommend to our loyal followers. The first one has to be the Butler Creek Flip-Open Scope Cover, which is highly recommended to beginners planning to invest in the ultimate scope lens protection that can weather the storms in heavy outdoor settings.

What's unique about this model is its custom-fit design that can match your scope in ways that no other product out there can do. If you want to have a watertight, airtight seal in your scope, then forget the rest out there, but invest in this one instead.

The second one we like to recommend to expert archers today is the Tactical One-Piece Flip Caps. Their unique design allows experts to worry no more about their scopes, and focus right into their game as the cover does the job well in protecting the scope from dirt and