Scope Rings & Bases wants to be your ultimate archery partner by offering in this category some of the best scope rings and bases you can purchase from today's established or fastest rising brands, including: CVA, Chipmunk, Keystone, Leupold, Weaver, Sun Optics and Nikko Stirling.

To make your life easier, we are narrowing our criteria of selection on what brands to feature here to the following factors: availability, price, brand reputation, compatibility, detachability, add-ons and water resistance protection.


What makes Leupold a reasonable brand to trust for your scope ring and bases needs is its reputation of having already made millions of rings and bases for the world to enjoy. You can guarantee that each scope ring or base you get from Leupold is certified-made in the U.S.A.

Its leading patented tech today are the Our Strike Forged® steel blanks, which are incredible in that they're machined, polished and tolerance-tested to ensure rock-solid performance and that they come with a lifetime guarantee. We recommend the Leupold STD One-Piece Bases Browning A-Bolt SA for both beginners and experts who don't want to skimp in the bases they want to invest in.

Another Leupold innovation we like to recommend to serious archers or shooters is the Leupold PRW2 Scope Ring. Guaranteed original, this is the only scope ring we can recommend when mounting your favorite Leupold scope. Whether you're mounting any Weaver/Picatinny style mount or rails, you hardly can find any better choice than this one. We especially recommend its machined solid-steel body to archers who want to prioritize Leupold as the brand to buy most of their archery gear from.

Nikko Stirling

What makes Nikko Stirling a brand of choice among archers in the competition arena is its dedication to making high grade aluminum wrap ring mounts, scope rings and bases. This dedication to only give customers the best scope rings is a reflection of the brand's heritage of hunting that separates Nikko Stirling from the competition.

What we repeatedly recommend to customers today is their Nikko Stirling Diamond Steel Scope Rings (1 in. High Quick Release) mainly for how the brand's passion for developing quality bases shines through in these rings' design and attributes. goes out of its way to verify that the claims, attributes and brand history of the sellers featured here are legitimate and updated. This is to ensure that the scope rings and bases you want to purchase from them are not only still available, but also come