Shooting Tabs

The aim of in this category is to make sure archers get the right information about shooting tabs sold by today's leading brands, such as: AAE, Angel Archery, Axcel, Black Widow, Kant Pinch, and Neet.

Our criteria in selecting which brands to feature and prioritize are: brand prominence, durability, sizes available, bow compatibility and quality of leather or material.


AAE makes it to our list for creating shooting tabs that are made from lightweight material with a Super Leather face. The focus of the brand, among many things, is to design the tabs for shooting light poundage bows, which archers can easily shoot right or left-handed.

Other prominent features AAE is best known for today include: time-tested brand since 1974, wide catalog of arrow rests, shooting tabs and vanes/fletchings to choose from; and signature MaxWeld Primer maximum bondage and adhesive.

If you're a beginner archer, we'd recommend you get the AAE Student Tab 3 since it's got the standard super leather face and you can train with this one as you get used to light poundage gear.


Neet brings to the table such fascinating features to its line of shooting tabs as: a soft felt finger spacer material and a suede leather backing. When you're a right-handed intermediate archer transitioning to expert, see if the Neet Pinch Free Tab Calf Hair is the right tab for you.

Other smart solutions offered by Neet include: remarkable craftmanship time-tested since 1956; trial period offers for the archery essentials; Lifetime Guarantee; skilled USA sew team that can handle complex repairs; large and short run production capabilities; rapid prototyping; highest quality materials for lasting durability; and robust customer support platform for registered outdoor enthusiasts.

October Mountain

What attracts archers to October Mountain's line of shooting tabs is the fact that the brand has designed them to promote proper shooting form. It's an added advantage that archers can get the tabs with military-grade aluminum plate and stainless steel hardware, making it lightweight but compact for increased agility and accuracy.

Other features to enjoy from October Mountain's line of shooting tabs include: enhanced lining for increased consistency; nose and hand-shock reduction features; unique rubber gripper and quick detach system; and compatibility with patented Night Ridge, SEKTOR 62", and Versa-Cradle Microtune Bow longbows.

We suggest you get the medium-size October Mountain Adventure Tab if you're a right-handed beginner archer who doesn't want to carry a lot of baggage without compromising shooting power.