We at want this category to be the ultimate guide for all archers who are looking for the best slings to acquire from today's prominent brands, such as: 30-06, AAE, Apex, Easton, Elevation, Gibbs, Hunters Specialties, Limbsaver, Primos, Quake, and Tarantula.

Our criteria on what to feature in this category include such factors as: brand prominence, bow compatibility, comfort, strap material, difficulty to use, adjustability, and capacity to hold off scent.


30-06 brings to the market some of today's most durable wrist slings made from silicone rubber. It distinguishes itself from the competition by making sure each sling they release can hold its shape steady, is easy to use and easily adjusts to most shooters' unique body and hand size. If you want all these features, go get the 30-06 BOA Wrist Sling, which we highly recommend as it does not hold scent when in heavy use.


Quake will be your brand if you're looking for slings that are easy to get on and off, and can quickly disconnect from your bow. We recommend you get the Quake Claw Ultimate Bow Sling if you're nitpicky about your sling and you want it to have multiple carry positions to allow it to be used when walking, climbing stands, or riding an ATV.


Archers can definitely trust X-factor to give them wrist slings that are made from four strands of 500-lb paracords with rubber yokes that hold their integrity in any weather, adjust in seconds and are fully reversible. We suggest you get the X-Factor Diamond Wrist Sling, which is available in black or green, if you're training for archery using aids that help you adjust movement in seconds.

LOC Outdoors

Go with LOC Outdoors if you demand slings that are lightweight in design, have a smaller back braid for a more comfortable feel and have composite mounting brackets. The brand's engineers made sure that the slings they create are tight-fitting and will hug the riser for a more streamlined or ergonomic fit.

We suggest you buy the LOC Outdoors Everest Lite Sling if you want a sling that stands up to get your hand to the riser as quickly as you need to. Its knobs not only provide rapid hand to glove adjustment, they also help reduce hand felt vibration and give you that custom look through the VRI inserts.